Garden State CARES is a community of New Jersey caregivers, patients & their families. We are coming together to fight for a care system that works for everyone - ensuring both patients and workers are able to live healthy, happy lives. 

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Living Wages for Caregivers 

Too many healthcare workers are struggling - worried if they can pay their rent or afford their own medication.  To attract and retain quality caregivers, we need to make sure they receive decent wages and benefits. This is why we are fighting to raise the minimum wage to $15 in NJ.

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Safe Staffing Ratios in Nursing Homes

We're advocating for more staff in NJ nursing homes to ensure patients get the attention & care they need and healthcare workers are not stretched too thin.  

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We Are Caregivers, We are Patients & Families



The only way we can create a quality care system for workers & patients in New Jersey is if we join together and fight for it.