Safe Staffing

Safe staffing is a critical concern for caregivers and patients alike - when there are not enough caregivers in a facility, patients are put at risk, caregivers are stressed and overworked, and everyone suffers. New Jersey nursing homes in particular are plagued with chronic understaffing, risking the health of elderly patients across the state in need of 24/7 direct care. New Jersey needs to make sure nursing homes hire enough caregivers to make patients are receiving quality care. Garden State CARES advocates for safe staffing, talking to elected officials across the state and educating the public on its importance.


“Sometimes I have to make the difficult choice of which patient gets a shower today because there isn’t enough staff to safely give all my patients a shower. My patients’ dignity shouldn’t have to suffer because of short staffing.”

Devika Smith



New Jersey Nursing Homes Are Failing Patients & Caregivers 


Caregivers across the state are raising the alarm that a serious staffing problem exists in our nursing homes.  The non-profit citizen advocacy group Families for Better Care has given New Jersey an “F” grade for the staffing levels that exist for direct care workers—ranking us 43rd in the nation. Last year, an AARP study found that New Jersey ranks 2nd worst in the nation for the number of high-risk nursing home residents diagnosed with bed sores—ailments that occur when bedridden patients aren’t turned frequently enough. These statistics are alarming and should serve as a wakeup call to everyone who is concerned with the quality of care provided to our loved ones.

If you work at a nursing home or long-term care facility that is significantly understaffed, contact us, share your experience, and join us in our push for safe staffing in NJ.