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It’s time to end short-staffing in nursing homes: Tell your Assembly members to vote YES for A382

Patients in New Jersey nursing homes are facing a dangerous short-staffing crisis.  In fact, government data show that New Jersey nursing homes rank among the worst in the nation (45th) for certified nursing assistant (CNA) staffing hours per patient.  CNAs play a critical role as the primary providers of direct bedside care—including feeding, dressing, washing, and repositioning patients to prevent bed sores. 

This summer in a front-page New York Times exposé, major news broke about how the nursing home industry for years overstated staffing levels to government regulators, in an effort to game Medicare’s 5-star rating system.  This is a national scandal and a gross violation of the public trust, but it is sadly not shocking to the nursing home patients and caregivers who have long held such concerns.  Short staffing is a major cause of injuries in nursing homes.

New Jersey must establish basic nursing aide-to-patient ratios, similar to what have already been adopted by several other states, so that families can be assured that care is delivered to their loved ones in a manner that is safe and responsive to their individual needs. 

The NJ Senate recently passed the nursing home safe staffing bill.  This legislation has been endorsed by AARP New Jersey and The Star-Ledger.  Hundreds of caregivers, patients and their family members have marched and rallied in our State Capitol to demand safe staffing.

Now is the time for the NJ Assembly to answer the public’s outcry and pass bill A382.  Our loved ones cannot be put in jeopardy any longer.

Tell your Assembly members – vote YES for bill A382 to bring safe and compassionate staffing levels to our loved ones in nursing homes!

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